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Swiss Fire Gel


Swiss Fire Gel

Swiss Fire Gel is for fondues with paste burners in the rechauds. Do not overfill paste burners. Also suitable for lighting charcoal fueled barbecues. 16 ounces, made in Switzerland.

  • Ideal for use in fondue fuel burners, for lighting open fires and charcoal-fueled barbeques.
  • Burns longer than regular alcohol and is easier and safer to use.
  • Made in Switzerland, according to strict safety regulations.
  • Formula base primarily on ethanol - reducing the risk of explosions, fumes, smells and/or irritations.
  • Bottle include safety features - squeeze both sides of cap & turn in order to remove; squeeze bottle in order to dispense.
  • Empty bottles can be flattened for easy and compact disposal.

Size: 0.5L / 16oz

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