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Steelport 10" Slicing

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Steelport 10" Slicing

The STEELPORT 10" Slicer Knife combines the best attributes of a slicer and cimeter. The curved blade ensures full contact on the cutting board and keeps your knuckles from hitting the board for a comfortable feel. A long slicing knife is ideal for trimming and portioning large cuts of meat and fish. Any home cook or professional chef who regularly prepares larger proteins will get plenty of use out of this knife. The STEELPORT 10" Slicer is an impressive showpiece for those who value a professional cut and presentation, whether for a special occasion like carving a holiday roast, trimming and portioning meat and fish, or precision work such as making sushi/sashimi.


  • The curved blade and 1" heel of the STEELPORT 10" Slicer allows for more knuckle clearance on the board and is great for the portioning and trimming cuts classically used with a cimeter. This longer 10" length prevents a sawing motion to achieve cleaner cuts. The tip of the STEELPORT slicer is sharpened, making it effective when trimming meat and fish.


  • STEELPORT knives have solid one-piece traditional drop forged construction from blade tip to end cap with an integral bolster for a well-balanced and long-lasting knife. Through STEELPORT's proprietary differential heat treatment, American 52100 Carbon Steel achieves an unmatched 65HRC hardness at the blade for exceptional long-lasting sharpness, while maintaining a softer 30HRC spine for lifelong durability. The bolster and spine are hand-polished smooth for a supremely comfortable pinch grip hold.


  • STEELPORT's signature contoured handle makes cutting an enjoyable experience and not a chore. For all STEELPORT handles, we use Oregon Big Leaf Maple Burl, a locally sourced, naturally unique burl wood, stabilized with resin to meet tough kitchen requirements and won't shrink or swell.

Our Price: $ 450.00