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18.5"x10" Rev Rect Griddle/Grill

Victoria Creative Home & Kitchen

18.5"x10" Rev Rect Griddle/Grill

For over 75 years Victoria has been perfecting the art of smart design in cast iron cookware. Finding the perfect balance between tradition & innovation. You can feel the difference when you hold the Victoria rectangular reversible griddle - the wider handles make it easier to carry the smooth side of the reversible griddle can be used for cooking bacon, eggs, grilled cheese sandwiches, pancakes and more. The grill side is great for grilling foods such as steak sausages, BBQ ribs, fish, chicken, hibachi, Panini and hamburgers. Victoria cast iron griddle distributes heat evenly from the bottom through the sidewalls. It is perfect for a campfire, a stovetop or an oven and can slow-cook food without scorching.

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