Knife Sharpening

Slice, dice, chop and mince with ease. Let our expert team put a razor-sharp edge on all your cutlery. Your newly sharpened knives will save you time and effort with your meal preparation and provide enjoyment in the kitchen. Bring in your dull knives today!

Services Offered


You may drop off your knives for sharpening during our normal business hours and select the services for each knife. Turn-around time is 5 days, however you will be contacted as soon as your knives have been sharpened and are ready for pick-up.  You may choose to drop off your knives in several batches to have some knives at home during this process. Please note that same day sharpening and "while you wait" sharpening is not available.

All prices listed are per blade. Finishing and Repairs are all in addition to the Traditional Sharpening or Waterstone Sharpening.

Traditional Sharpening

1" - 5" blade $5.00
5+" - 10" blade $7.00
10+" - 14" blade $9.00

Waterstone Sharpening

1" - 5" blade $8.00
5+" - 10" blade $10.00
10+" - 14" blade $12.00
Leather Stropping Included


Japanese Waterstone Finish additional $5.00


Broken Tip additional $5.00
Blade Chips additional $5.00
Blade Nicks additional $3.00


We put high performance edges on your cutlery.