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Isobutane Fuel Refill

R.S.V.P International, Inc./Herman Pearl

Always have a spare ready just in case with the RSVP isobutene fuel refill. Refill your torch or other burner using this 2 oz. bottle of isobutene fuel. WARNING! Flammable and can be ground shipped only!

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Swiss Fire Gel

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Swiss Fire Gel


Swiss Fire Gel is for fondues with paste burners in the rechauds. Do not overfill paste burners. Also suitable for lighting charcoal fueled barbecues. 16 ounces, made in Switzerland.


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Swiss Fire Gel 3/Singles


Safe and easy to use, Swiss Fire gel is for fondue pots with fuel burners in rechauds, and burns longer than regular alcohol. Also ideal for lighting open fires and charcoal fueled BBQs.

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This product is currently in stock.