Diafold Fine/Coarse Sharpener

DMT Diamond Machining Technology

Diafold Fine/Coarse Sharpener

Sharpening with diamonds results in the finest, sharpest edges and Diamond Machining Technology (DMT) products are the finest Diamond Sharpening products available – Worldwide. Whether in continuous diamond surface or their trademark interrupted "polka-dot" pattern. DMT uses only micronized monocrystalline diamonds produced using a proprietary process that ensures very consistent grit size. Users can rely on these sharpeners to provide exactly the finish they want – no scratches where they don’t belong. In addition, DMT’s sharpeners have the most diamond per square inch in the industry giving you the highest level of performance for many years.

Double Sided Diafold offers two stage sharpening with compact convenience. Two Diamond Whetstone sharpeners combined to create a lightweight sharpener that is great for home, camper, tool box, gardening shed and more.

Suitable for addressing all types of edges including: Scissors, Poultry Shears, Paring Knife, Utility Knife, Router Bit, Sport Knife, Floral Knife, Pruner, Lopper, Hatchet, Ax, Spade, Shovel.

Overall Size: 9 1/2" open. 5" closed.
Stone size: 4.33" x .875" x .25"

Manufactured in the USA.

Fine/Coarse diamond grit combination.

Our Price: $ 44.95