18"x14" USA Pan Cookie Sheet


18"x14" USA Pan Cookie Sheet

Bakeware by USA Pan has been designed with many of the same standard features of industrial baking pans. Each cookie sheet is constructed of aluminized steel, the material of choice for commercial bakeries. Metal thickness has been selected to allow even heat distribution and maximum service life.

Cookie sheets are coated with AMERICOAT Plus, a proprietary silicone coating that nearly all North American bakers prefer over dark non-stick coatings. AMERICOAT Plus is a clear non-stick, environmentally friendly coating that is specifically formulated for superior baking and does not contain any PTFE or PFOA

Another unique feature of USA Pan bake ware is the corrugated, or fluted, design. The corrugation maximizes pan strength and prevents warping, denting and other effects of everyday use. Corrugation also minimizes surface contact with baked goods which translates into an evenly baked product that is easily released.

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