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Whatever your level of expertise in the kitchen, you will always learn something new and exciting at Spoon & Whisk´s Cooking School. We have earned a reputation for world-class instruction by offering culinary expertise from our talented, local award-winning chefs and instructors.

One of our cooking school goals is for you to be able to re-create at home what you learn here. We encourage you to sign up early so that you have your choice of classes. Each class includes a copy of the recipes and a meal of the foods prepared. Please review our Registration and Policy Information.

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Greek Getaway|Thu Mar 2 - 7:00 PM

Dreaming of warm turquoise waters and the flavors of Greece? Discover the taste of Greek cuisine with Chef Joe Marosek. He’ll share authentic recipes for Yemistas, a stuffed vegetable dish, Pourekkia, which are cheese filled fritters, and more.

Menu: Yemistas (Stuffed Vegetables); Octopus; Pourekkia (Cheese Filled Fritters)

Instructor: Chef Joseph Marosek (Biography)

Cheesecake|Thu Mar 9 - 7:00 PM

Are you ready to be the champion of cheesecakes? Chef Joe Marosek is stepping up to the challenge as he takes on the New York Style cheesecake. He will demonstrate proper assembly, baking in a water bath, cooling, and creating flavorful crusts.

Menu: Citrus-Infused Ricotta; Strawberry; Graham Cracker Crust

Instructor: Chef Joseph Marosek (Biography)

Belgian Kitchen|Thu Mar 16 - 7:00 PM

Belgian cooking has a lot of variety and often reflects the cuisine found in neighboring countries of France, Germany, and the Netherlands. They are well known as the birthplace of frites, also known as French fries! Chef Leah Stein brings out her Belgian roots and prepares classic dishes from this delicious country.

Menu: Mussels & Pomme Frites; Leige Waffles

Instructor: Chef Leah Stein (Biography)

Sauce 101|Wed Mar 22 - 7:00 PM

Sauces are considered the basic ingredient to every dish. One of the most important items learned in culinary school are the “Mother Sauces” and from these simple five foundational sauces, anything can be made. Chef Ben Kozloski will cover all that we need to know and more when it comes to making the perfect sauce for any meal.

Menu: Romesco; Classic Veal Demi-Glace, Tomato Sauce; Hollandaise; Buerre Blanc; BBQ Sauce; Caramel Sauce

Instructor: Chef Ben Kozloski (Biography)

Egg-cellent!|Thu Mar 30 - 7:00 PM

The versatility of this ingredient is adored by chefs the world over. This small little wonder is capable of greatness as it can be transformed from a simple breakfast to an elegant main course. Chef Joe Marosek will share poaching techniques, prepare the perfect soufflé, and create a mouthwatering dinner frittata and classic Spanish tortilla.

Menu: Frittata; Spanish Tortilla; Soufflé; Perfect Soft Boiled Egg

Instructor: Chef Joseph Marosek (Biography)

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