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Whatever your level of expertise in the kitchen, you will always learn something new and exciting at Spoon & Whisk´s Cooking School. We have earned a reputation for world-class instruction by offering culinary expertise from our talented, local award-winning chefs and instructors.

One of our cooking school goals is for you to be able to re-create at home what you learn here. We encourage you to sign up early so that you have your choice of classes. Each class includes a copy of the recipes and a meal of the foods prepared. Please review our Registration and Policy Information.

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Italian Desserts |Thu Feb 2 - 7:00 PM

A true Italian meal is never rushed and is not complete until you bite into something sweet and sip your espresso. Chef Joe Marosek shows us how to craft true Italian style desserts made from simple cream, custards and baked lady finger cookies dipped in coffee.

Menu: Semifreddo; Tiramisu; Panna Cotta

Instructor: Chef Joseph Marosek (Biography)

Where's the Beef? |Thu Feb 9 - 7:00 PM

Beef is a nutrition powerhouse—it’s a great source of protein and essential nutrients and no one can deny it tastes great! Join Chef Joe Marosek as he shares how to prepare classic dishes with this “meaty” protein!

Menu: Carpaccio; Classic French Dip; Bolognaise Sauce

Instructor: Chef Joseph Marosek (Biography)

Cream Puffs|Thu Feb 16 - 7:00 PM

Do your taste buds drool at the sight of chocolate topped pastries nestled in white parchment cups? These little French pastries look like a lot of work, but they are surprisingly simple to make. Chef Leah Stein shares the secret to making perfect cream puffs filled with sweet and savory delights!

Menu: Classic Profiteroles; Cream & Chocolate Filling; Gougres with Savory Salmon Filling

Instructor: Chef Leah Stein (Biography)

Cast Iron Cooking|Wed Feb 22 - 7:00 PM

Due to its versatility and even cooking properties, every kitchen should have at least one cast iron pan. Chef Ben Kozloski walks us through everything you need to know about cast iron cooking. Learn how to properly season and maintain your investment and how to prepare fantastic recipes.

Menu: Classic Pot Roast; Blackened Mahi Mahi; Cornbread; Yorkshire Pudding; Apple Crisp

Instructor: Chef Ben Kozloski (Biography)

One Potato, Two Potato|Tue Feb 28 - 7:00 PM

Bring your appetite as Jill Kavanagh explores all the different ways to prepare and enjoy your spuds! Whether enjoyed as a main course or as a side, tonight we are ready to learn how versatile everyone’s favorite tuber can be, including potato candy!

Menu: Ham & Cheese Potato Croquettes; Easy Potato Gnocchi; Sweet Potato & Kale Colcannon; Mashed Potato Candy

Instructor: Jill Kavanagh (Biography)

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