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Blender Mixer Attachment


The Cuisinart stand Mixer becomes even more versatile with the 40-once glass Blender Attachment. Connect this full size blender to the high-speed power outlet on any Cuisinart Stand Mixer to whip up big batches of fresh smoothies, creamy milkshakes, frozen drinks or an endless variety of dips, sauces and batters. Cuisinart...


Our Price: $29.99

The Handy Mix Scraper

Our Price: $ 129.99

The Handy Mix Scraper

Breville USA

The ultimate mixing machine equipped with an intuitive interface for ultimate control. It has the versatility and combines power and speed for your mixing needs —from whisking cream to kneading dough.

This hand mixer is equipped with Beater IQ, an intuitive sensor detects which attachments have been inserted and...


Our Price: $129.99

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