7" Pie Plate Rose

HIC Harold Imports

7" Pie Plate Rose

Harold Import Company and Rose Levy Beranbaum introduce Rose's Perfect Pie Plate. Rose Beranbaum, author of The Cake Bible, The Pie & Pastry Bible and host of the PBS television series Baking Magic, has dedicated her life to baking pies and other sweet treats.

After trying dozens of pie plates over the years, Mrs. Beranbaum decided to design her own ideal - the deep fluted edge serve as a mold to form a lovely scalloped crust that holds up well during baking and the plate is shaped to create an easy decorative border.

Make a sweet fruit tart recipe and mini pies, like apple tart or mini pumpkin pies, or appetizers and savory finger foods, like mini chicken pot pies or mini quiche. With its 1-cup capacity and deeply fluted edge, this smaller version of Rose's award-winning pie dish supports more substantial mini pies and elaborate, decorative crusts. It transitions beautifully from oven or broiler to the table and complements any setting.

Made from high-fired ceramic with a scratch-free glaze, it's durable, and resists staining, odors and cracking. Dishwasher safe for easy cleanup.

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