The Store

We want to make you feel comfortable and confident in the kitchen.  With our unsurpassed, unique selection of hand-chosen culinary tools you can easily prepare healthy and flavorful meals like the professionals.  Our knowledgeable, friendly staff will help you select the right tool for any job.

Our highly regarded cooking school will help you grow your skills and broaden your expertise.  Award winning chefs, professors and cookbook authors, including chefs from your favorite local restaurants teach our classes.  Our staff has a passion for cooking and you will always get the information and assistance that you need to ensure your success in the kitchen.

Visit us for an in-store experience at our Clifton Park, NY location or shop on our web site.  We have been inspiring success in the kitchen since 2007.

Our Staff

Cheryl Zinni

Cheryl wants to live in a world where there’s plenty of good food, friends and family to share it with, and where she can provide you access to the best kitchenware available.

A sought after local business owner and Chief Kitchen Operator for the past 8 years, she’s been highlighted in the Times Union, HERLIFE magazine, and Capital Region Living Magazine. Her boutique kitchenware store Spoon & Whisk has been recognized by peers as the business model to emulate for success.

When she’s not traveling to her next grand adventure with her husband, she is busy squeezing her grandchildren’s cheeks, getting in a few rounds of golf, hiking, gardening and scoping out other kitchenware stores for inspiration. She is always creating new recipes based around healthy fresh vegetables and pines to taste Mori Moto’s Spider rolls just one more time. 

Nancy Glavin

Nancy joined Spoon & Whisk in February 2011 after retiring from the corporate world where she worked in technical publications.

As the unofficial Head of HR and Chief of Grammar, she’s been the driving force behind keeping the staff’s sanity in check and making sure our documents and mailings are worthy of public consumption. A life-long creative, she pursues her passions for pottery, sewing, jewelry making, visual arts and, of course, cooking.

When she’s not making a pot of her delicious homemade soup or scrumptious desserts, you will find her enjoying time with her family, gardening, practicing yoga, or walking the countryside with her dog.

Ohm… we mean Yum!

Kelly Pugliano

Kelly joined Spoon & Whisk in 2013 as the Cooking School Coordinator and is always on the hunt for the next class menu or idea.  

As a freelance writer, photographer and recipe developer, she has been featured on, Capital Region Living Magazine, iBlog Magazine and many other social media sites. Her passion for good food and travel helped launch her food blog as a way to share favorite recipes, drool-worthy photographs and connect folks with the joy of cooking and baking.

When she is not wrangling menus from chefs, organizing class schedules or writing the next cooking school brochure, you will find her exploring the food scene in every town or city, watching Netflix, spending time with family and friends, running with her husband at a half-marathon near you or preparing college care packages full of delicious goodies for her kids. 

Jing Lu

Jing joined Spoon & Whisk in February 2015 after migrating from Connecticut to Upstate New York.

As an avid gardener, she is always daydreaming of the next ultimate meal to make with her fresh harvest. She loves to entertain friends and family, but you may want to consider extending an invite to her to your next shindig because rumor has it, she’ll bring a specialty cake, basket of muffins or her famous blueberry cream pie to spoil you.

When she’s not cooking or gardening, she is knitting, traveling, and going to art venues. You may just catch her simply enjoying the outdoors with her fiancé as they ride their Harley to the next best fishing hole or trekking back to Connecticut to grab some of Woodland Farms fresh ripe peaches. 

Jay Gove

Jay joined Spoon & Whisk in October 2015 after retiring from the corporate world.

As a connoisseur of dining in local restaurants, he loves to experience new flavors and recipes from local chefs and then challenge himself to recreate his favorites when at home. One thing he has learned along the way is that presentation can help sell the meal!

When not entertaining friends and family, Jay loves to play golf, landscape the yard and visit his beloved spot, Mabel’s restaurant in Kennebunkport, Maine to enjoy the best thing he’s ever eaten; Lobster Fra Diavolo.

Lindi Jones

Lindi joined Spoon & Whisk in September 2016, bringing a bit of English flare to the store. With 35 years of nursing experience, she tends to those in need by day and helps serve the hungry at cooking school by night. A baker since the age of 6, she likes nothing better than to feed people and try new recipes, making her a perfect addition to our team.

When not trying to save the world, you can find her spending time with her children who have mastered the art of melding English & American taste, enjoying walking her dogs, horseback riding or eating her favorite English foods such as steak & kidney pie and Christmas cake.

Matt Pugliano

Matt joined the Spoon & Whisk staff in 2013 solely as a seasonal helper during the holidays. His stealth computer talents and witty banter with customers soon had him joining us as a part-time fixture at our cooking school classes and as website design assistant.

A recent high school graduate with honors, Matt will be off to college to pursue a degree in the mad science of Chemistry. An avid bass player, he recently acquired a rocking red cello to add to his growing musical instrument collection.

Lover of all good eats, Matt is hard pressed to say what his favorite meal would be; but it could possibly consist of pizza, pasta or his famous fried potato hash.

Mike Zinni

After years of working for big corporations, Mike decided it was time to start his own business, so that is exactly what he did. He built a successful software business creating custom solutions for small businesses.  He has now returned to the corporate world to share the experience that he gained.

How long has he been with Spoon & Whisk? Only since the planning stages! As the “Computer Guy” behind the scenes, Mike is the reason our computers and website function smooth as chocolate silk pie.

When he’s not cycling, gardening, or enjoying life with his lovely wife and family, you can find him trying to replicate his favorite Luigi’s and Sal’s homemade sausages recipes or firing up his smoker for a nice pork shoulder.