12 Cup USA Pan Muffin Pan


12 Cup USA Pan Muffin Pan

Use for muffins, cupcakes, mini angel food cakes, molded gelatin, ice cream treats, mousse and more.

USA Pans are coated, on both sides, with Americoat, a safe, non-stick, silicone coating that contains no PTFEs or PFOAs. This coating means you never need to grease the pans or use parchment paper, and it ensures that cleanup is as easy as wiping out with a paper towel, running under hot water, or hand washing. Silicone is heat-resistant, impervious to stains and odors, completely non-reactive with food, and as amazingly durable.

USA Pans are made of a blend of 65% recycled steel and 35% aluminum. This means they conduct heat very evenly and efficiently (aluminum) and they are extremely strong and rigid (steel). This aluminized steel is formed into pans with an all-over rippled, or corrugated surface, that allows exceptional air circulation for even baking and browning. The edges of the pans are rolled over steel wire for unsurpassed rigidity.

Our Price: $ 29.95